Friday, January 31, 2014

Life Lately: January 2014

This last month has been a fun one!  We started off the month by going to see the Trains at NorthPark on New Year's Day (wow, was that really just a month ago?).  Just as I suspected, Isaac was in HEAVEN!

At the beginning of the month we also turned Isaac's crib into a toddler bed.  We were kind of terrified of him not staying in bed, but even a month later he waits in his bed for one of us to go in to tell him he can get out.  Hopefully this trend holds as we move him into a twin size bed!

We have had a couple days since converting his crib where he decided not to take a nap.  Luckily for me, he'll lay in bed for an hour or so on those days before wanting out.  On the days when he doesn't take a nap he'll usually end up falling asleep a little early.
7 at night and he told me 2 minutes before this picture that he didn't want to go to bed.
6 at night.  He got to take a mini nap until Dad got home from work.
My sophomore year of college I bought a bulletin board to use as my jewelry/picture holder.  To my 19 year old self it was pretty ingenious and fulfilled my two main requirements at the time--it was cheap and if it broke during one of my many moves between apartments I wouldn't be too disappointed.  Fast forward 6 years and much to my dismay it was still going strong, so I had a hard time convincing myself to buy/make something new.  As part of my Christmas presents Andy made me a new necklace holder that should last at LEAST 6 years and look good the whole time! I picked out the frame at Michael's, but he handled all the construction details (like most of our projects's a good thing he's such a good sport about it all).

Random shot of Isaac's cloth diaper peeking out from beneath his clothes.  I still love seeing something that I made get used so much!
One day it was nice and warm, so we decided to escape the apartment (after way too many days inside) and go for a walk.  Isaac was in heaven picking up sticks and Adam and I were just happy to be outside!

We got Isaac some rain boots (which have yet to get worn in the rain), and we have definitely gotten our money's worth!  He puts them on as soon as he wakes up and only takes them off for nap time and bed.

Due to the fun ice storms we had in December, the annual holiday party put on by Andy's office got postponed until January.  We loved meeting up with one of the other couples in our ward who work for the same company for the evening!

One of the new favorites in our house is the videos on Youtube by The Piano Guys.  This has resulted in Isaac turning the guitar sideways and wanting a spoon to use as a bow so he can play the cello.  I can't wait for him to play the real thing some day!

Isaac is basically a lady killer.
The other major thing not seen in these pictures is the fact that we spent most of the month house hunting.  We decided just before Christmas to start looking at houses, but weren't able to start until the beginning of January.  At first it was so much fun, but then as we saw 10, 15, 25+ houses (and put offers in on several) our excitement began to wane.  Isaac was such a good sport about going to look at houses with us so we wouldn't have to constantly ask friends to watch him.  One time when I asked a friend who already lives up where we were looking I got this picture and it made me so excited to find our house and move!  We are so excited to live next to the Call's so Isaac can have 2 new awesome friends who he already loves (and from what she's said the feeling is mutual on the part of her boys)!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Adam at 3 Months

This month has been a fun month with Adam!  I feel like he's gone from being a newborn to a baby who actually does things.  It's been so fun to watch him grow up this last month!

Adam has been growing so fast I feel like I have to put him in my favorite outfits as often as possible before he grows out of them!
Adam continues to be a chill, happy baby.  He loves to smile!
We started doing tummy time finally!  He has gotten so much stronger this last month!
It is so fun to watch these two boys together!  Adam clearly adores Isaac and follows him around with his eyes wherever he goes.  Isaac loves to hold and kiss Adam.

Sometimes we do tummy time while laying on mom's stomach.

He has mastered the art of blowing spit bubbles!

Some notes about Adam at three months:

  • Adam LOVES singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes"!  He likes it when I sing in general, but he starts giggling when we do that one.  When he starts to get upset I'll do that one with him to get him happy again.
  • Adam has finally started to drool a bit, but not as bad as Isaac yet.  He only drools when he's upright.
  • His eczema is finally clearing up and I think it's because I cut dairy out of my diet (for the most part).  Once it clears up all the way I'll hopefully be able to add some back in, but we'll see how that goes.  Hopefully I don't have to give up all dairy for as long as he's nursing!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas 2013

This year we spent Christmas up at my parents' house in Kansas again. I was excited for Ben and Allie to meet Adam and for Isaac to have lots of space to run around.  My parents generously paid for me and the boys to fly up a few days before Andy came up.  This gave us more time to be up there and Andy time to take the exams for his CFE (Certified Forensic Examiner) which he passed with flying colors.

Our flight was Thursday morning and after misjudging how long it was going to take us to get to the airport and find a parking spot we ending up rushing to get us checked in and bags checked in order to make our flight.  Luckily Andy was able to go through security with me which was a BIG help!  I couldn't imagine going through security with two little kids by myself.  We ended up getting to the gate just before they started boarding the plane.

Isaac is pretty much a pro at flying.  He had a lot of fun flipping through the SkyMall magazine.

I was a little worried about how Adam would do, but after nursing him before take-off he was perfectly fine!
Adam spent his time at my parents chillin' in the arms of whoever wanted to hold him (which was just about everyone).  I think he was in heaven!
Adam got to meet Ginny!
I think Ginny was happy for there to be a small human who didn't chase her around mercilessly.
I loved getting hold Adam without feeling guilty about ignoring Isaac!
He also loved the fish tank.  We spent many a minute sitting there watching the fish swim back and forth.
Adam was a fan of Uncle Ben!
Whenever Adam got fussy and wouldn't let anyone calm him down we handed him off to my dad who used his magic hands to calm him down.  Seriously, my dad is a baby whisperer!

A few days after we left I got this picture from Andy of the infamous acorn squash.  Isaac hid this in the entertainment center when my mom was in Dallas after Adam was born.  We searched high and low and never found it until now.

The day after I got to Kansas the weather turned cold and on Saturday we started to get some snow.  The snow slightly delayed my brother Ben's flight home from BYU and flat out cancelled Allie's.  Thank goodness Andy was still in Dallas because Allie was able to get her flight re-routed to Dallas and the two of them drove up together.  Church even got cancelled due to the snow and ice.  Isaac enjoyed getting to play in the snow a bit though.

Isaac was also a big fan of having so many different things to do up at my parents house!  I feel like he was constantly going from one thing and one person to another!
Isaac LOVED playing with my dad's old/vintage camera.  I can't wait until he's old enough to get confused when we explain how it works.
Practicing the flute with Aunt Sarah.

On Christmas Eve we had our traditional Mexican tamale dinner followed by a pinata.  Stephanie's boyfriend Scott came over which was a lot of fun.  Isaac was a big fan of his shoes.  I kept trying to get a picture of him trying to walk around in them because it was pretty awesome.

We opted to let Isaac use a tennis racket instead of a bat.
Christmas morning found us relatively well rested and excited to open presents.  We were all corralled upstairs while my mom made Boston cream (for the first time in years she was actually making it on Christmas morning as opposed to all the years where she had it pre-made, but told us we had to wait while she made it).

Every time we went to a store Isaac wanted one of these giant candy canes full of candy.  He was pretty happy to get one.
This year was so fun because Isaac was so excited about opening his presents!  I love watching him get older and enjoy all the fun that comes with the holidays.

The best part of Christmas.  I'm pretty sure that if any of us had to choose between receiving presents and having a Christmas table, we would pick the Christmas table.
Even Ginny got a new toy!
My parents got a little electric car for Isaac to drive around in.  Once he figured out what was going on he had fun.  I think he'll enjoy it even more this summer when we're up there.

That afternoon we all went to go see Frozen.  It was Isaac's first time seeing a movie in theaters, and he was pretty thrilled about it.  There were a few scary parts and he'd just bury his head in Andy's chest until those passed.  He was so good and sat still the whole time we were there!
Isaac with Aunt Sarah, Aunt Allie, and Uncle Ben.
On our last day there we went bowling with my family.  Isaac thought it was pretty fun and would shout "Woohoo!" and pump his arms in the air after his turn every time.

We were sad to leave at the end of the week, but happy to get back home!