Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday Isaac Dear!

Isaac's first birthday was one pretty awesome weekend! Thank you leap year for making it conveniently happen on a Saturday!

We were lucky enough to have my parents and youngest sister, Sarah, drive down from Wichita to join in the festivities! They got in late Friday night after some not so fun traffic on 635 (and a late start caused by a million phone calls from me asking them to bring some thing down with them for the party).

The next morning though was warm and sunny! Yay for living in Texas! After breakfast we took a stroll down to Central Market so I could introduce my mom to the awesomeness that is bulk spices... And a million samples (seriously that place is amazing). If you live in Dallas and haven't gone to Central Market, you're missing out. Some of their stuff is a little pricey, but they have the best prices on a lot of staples.
After our trip to Central Market, we headed home so Isaac could take a nap and we could get ready for his party. We frosted cupcakes, found containers for the trail mix bar we had, and generally ran around getting things ready.

Isaac's party was a blast! Thanks to the balmy Dallas weather (it was 85!) we moved Isaac's party to a local park. It was way more fun than keeping everyone cooped up in our apartment on such a nice day. We brought our kitchen table to set stuff on and a few blankets and chairs to sit on.  The kids had a blast playing on the playground (with their dads close by to watch them) and the moms had a blast talking on the blankets.

Eating his cake was probably the highlight of his day!  Luckily for me, he did more than just poke at the cake (once I showed him how to tear it apart)!

Isaac LOVED his cake!

"Mom, I am so happy with my life right now!"

So, when Isaac was born his profile looked 100% like Harold.  Andy's mom got Isaac the book.

My parents got Isaac this lawn mower.  He went around all over the park with it! 
After Isaac's party we decided it was time... he needed to get a hair cut!  His hair (as adorable as it was with the curls) was out of control!  So we sat him on my mom's lap and went for it.

Isaac wanted to play with my hair while getting his cut. It kept him on my mom's lap for about 10 minutes.

I just love this picture of Isaac marching around!
All in all it was a great birthday weekend!  Isaac had so much fun with his toys and so many people and we just loved getting to celebrate this with him!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

One Year Older and Wiser Too!

One year ago, I met a really cute boy who totally stole my heart and took my breath away.  It was love at first sight!

Since that day, I've gotten to watch and help this little boy grow from an infant who spent most of his time sleeping (in somewhat awkward positions I might add)... a baby who could move and interact somewhat with the world around him...

 a bigger baby who could really move and interact with the world around him...

... and finally become the little boy who still takes my breath away and steals my heart every day.

Now that he's one:

  • Isaac is cruising!  Crawling is a thing of the past!  For those of you who are scared about your baby learning to walk, don't.  It's amazing.  I love it so much!  Isaac is so much happier now that he can get around better!
  • No more baby food (for the most part... We get those squeezable pouches for long car rides). Isaac is now eating what we eat!  His favorite food? Bananas...hands down.  We can't walk past the banana hanger without him reaching out for one (of course, that might be due to the utensil holder being right next to the bananas) 
  • When we go on walks, Isaac actually walks rather than being carried. Walks have become shorter in distance but longer in time because Isaac now needs to stomp on leaves and pick up acorns and sticks.
  • Suddenly Isaac is putting less stuff in his mouth!  Which is a relief because I was holding off on checking out too many library books until I could be reasonably certain that they wouldn't go in his mouth.
Watching General Conference... Isaac totally sacked out!

Andy got a little distracted.

Look Mom!  I can fit in a pan!

Isaac finally (and unfortunately) learned how to open the doors on our  entertainment center.  We've since put child locks on the doors.

The day I found out we needed a new place to store garbage bags.

At his friend Ellery's party.  He was in heaven watching  Kara take pictures!

One of the pictures Kara snapped! Check out her blog for more of her awesome photography!

Andy went to San Diego on business and on his last night away Isaac and I were just about on our last string with each other.  I gave him a bag of frozen corn because he touched the hot Crock-Pot and he decided that the frozen corn was way too interesting to stay in the bag.  And I was way too tired to stop him.

Isaac decided he wanted to go visit someone.

Isaac dead asleep on the way home from church.  This is what happens most days now that we're trying to avoid naps at church.

Sunday afternoon at the Brasher house.

This has definitely been a crazy, amazing year and I'm so excited to see him grow and develop in the next year!