Saturday, August 25, 2012

Moving to Dallas

Two days after we got back from Utah, we loaded up the moving van again and headed off to Dallas with my two sisters in tow to help with Isaac.  Isaac wasn't a huge fan of being stuck in his carseat for 5 1/2 hours, but his Aunts Allie and Sarah were amazing at keeping him happy for the most part!  He pretty much lost it about 30 minutes before we pulled into our complex.

I don't know how we would've done it without my two sisters!  They were so great about playing with him so Andy and I could focus on getting things unpacked!  And they were great about helping us unpack and going shopping with me for the million and one things we seemed to need to get a new apartment up and running!

Friday night my parents headed down to help us with the last little bit and to pick up my sisters.  The number one thing on our list was to hit up Ikea the next day... and man did we!  After 4 hours of shopping we successfully found bookshelves, chairs, spice storage, and various other doo-dads and gizmos.

Then came Andy's favorite part of moving in... assembling the furniture!  Isaac was a big help with all of this!

Sometimes... it's too hot for clothes and we just need to sit and read a book.

We honestly LOVE it here in Dallas and can't imagine living anywhere else!  Our ward is amazing (and about half of them are young families who live fairly close to us)!  Our complex is within walking distance of a couple grocery stores, so if I get feeling cooped up, we'll head over to the grocery store for a walk.  And my favorite part... once a month our complex gets a bunch of food truck to come to the club house and we go get dinner there. Oh how I love that day!

Family Reunion in Idaho and Getting Back to Kansas!

After spending a week with Andy's family, we headed up to Idaho for a family reunion with my mom's family.  We all stayed at my uncle's lodge in St. Anthony, ID (just outside of Rexburg).  We had a LOT of fun there!

Due to the time change (and bed change, and people change, and schedule change, and tooth coming in), Isaac wasn't sleeping so well in his crib, so we ended up bringing him into bed with us most nights.  It's hard to be mad at him when you get to wake up to this cutie in the morning!

Isaac taking a bath with his 2nd cousing Maylee!

At the water park with Maylee!  Isaac LOVED the waterpark!  
 There were a lot of other fun activities (including the traditional water fight), but all those pictures are on my parent's camera.

On our way back to Kansas after the reunion, we spent the night with Andy's parents again.  His mom was nice enough to have the family over so we could see them again!
Uncle Lauri was such a trooper!  He "got" to hold all the little girls toys while they ran off to play something else.

Another picture of Tinley and Isaac.  I can't help it!  They're so photogenic together!

On our way back to Kansas, our flight got delayed due to a storm.  So we got to spend 6 hours in the Denver airport with Isaac before finally boarding our flight at 10:30 p.m... luckily Isaac is good at keeping himself entertained!

Trip to Utah

Even though we had only moved out of Utah at the end of April, we headed back out there in the middle of June for a family reunion and to spend some time with Andy's family.  While we were spending the week with Andy's family we decided to take Isaac to some of our favorite places... and to some new places that we had always wanted to go to.

Andy's parents took us to Asian Star (Andy's favorite restaurant)

We took Isaac for a walk around Temple Square

At City Creek Mall

At the aquarium.  Isaac LOVED watching the fish!

I am in love with Isaac and Tinley together!  She is such a cute little mama when he's around!

Logan trying to get Isaac to crack a smile.  

Isaac and William (who looks 100% like his dad) saying hi at my grandma's birthday party!

Isaac was being silly up at my grandparents house and decided that his pants belong on his head

This is how we spend a large portion of our day... with Isaac inspecting me for cavities.  Hopefully once he has his own mouth full of teeth he'll be a little less interested in mine!

We also took Isaac to BYU, but somehow missed getting any pictures of that!  Don't worry though, we got him a BYU t-shirt to wear while we cheer on our Cougs this fall!  I would definitely be okay if he said "Go Cougars" before he said mama or dada.

Last few Weeks in Kansas

I know, I know... You're all shocked that we're still alive.  Getting settled in Dallas has definitely kept us busy!  Now it's time to play catch-up.

When we first moved to Kansas after graduation, we thought that 2 months was FOREVER!  Surprisingly, it went way too quickly!  Before I knew it we were getting ready to head back to Utah for vacation and family reunions.  We packed a lot of fun into our last few weeks there.  Here's a recap:

Isaac LOVES to be upside down!  He is such a silly boy!

Andy turned 26... and Allie made him an amazing Choco-Flan cake (Seriously. Look it up... it was To Die For!)

Allie showed Isaac her award winning ugly Christmas Sweater... and he thought it was AWESOME!

Isaac learned to crawl on top of things. Why yes, he is using his mouth as an anchor.

He had his first experience with pool time.  He went from being not so sure about it... totally in love with it!

I returned to my permed roots!  Yay for curly hair!  Surprisingly... it's so much easier to deal with here in Texas than my stick straight, no body hair was!

I FINALLY made a pillow for the back of my rocking chair.  I used this tutorial and I love how it came out!

Next up... our trip to Utah!