Sunday, September 22, 2013

Trip to the Dallas Zoo

This month we've been trying to fit in as many fun family activities as we can before this baby arrives.  Not to say we won't be able to do any fun family activities once the baby is here, but let's face'll be a little harder to get out for awhile.  Since Andy ended up working most of Labor Day weekend (luckily from home) he got holiday make-up hours to use later.  He decided to use some of the hours to take a Friday in September off so we went to the zoo!

I had been hesitant to go to the Dallas Zoo because everyone talks about how much better the Fort Worth Zoo is, but I ended up being really impressed with it!  We left first thing in the morning so we could enjoy the zoo before it got to hot.  We ended up having the zoo pretty much to ourselves which was a lot of fun!

They have an underground animals area where you can climb through a tunnel and be at eye level with some of the animals. Luckily Andy was willing to go through with Isaac because I'm pretty sure I would've gotten stuck.

This monitor lizard was probably one of the coolest things.  It climbed up against the glass and was doing all sorts of awesome moves while Isaac was trying to grab it.  

Pictures like this make my heart melt a little.

Isaac is a big fan of "Dumbo" lately...although he was way more interested in the statues of elephants than the real things.

Riding a little Dumbo.
Other highlights that we didn't get pictures of:

  • The bird show
  • A baby cobra who kept trying to strike at Andy's finger when he waved it in front of the glass
  • The cougar who started following Isaac as soon as we took him out of his stroller.  
All in all it was a pretty fun day!  I'm excited to go back to the zoo once the weather's cooled down a bit so we can enjoy it when more of the animals are up and moving around.