Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7 Months

I don't even know where the last month has gone!  Isaac is such a fun baby right now!  Seriously, to all the moms of newborns out there who are waiting for their baby to "do something" just wait until they're 6 or 7 months old!  Then they will be everywhere!

Some highlights from the month:
  • My mom cleaned out her cook books and let him tear pages out of one of them that she didn't want anymore.  Isaac was in HEAVEN!
  • Isaac learned how to honk people's noses

At 7 months Isaac:
  • can crawl!  He prefers not to crawl properly though and instead scoots around doing a modified army crawl... which leads to him getting one arm stuck under his body.  I keep trying to tell him how efficient real crawling is, but he doesn't believe me most of the time.  I think I'll slowly win him over though
  • gives high fives!
  • loves to go outside and is getting over his fear of the grass.  We practice our sweet Mission Impossible skills when we go outside though.  The kid's got talent!
  • really really loves his swing outside.  As soon as we get close to it he starts doing his excited breathing.
  • has decided that rather than laugh, he'll breathe really heavily when he gets excited.  We were all wondering where he got that from until we realized that my family is mostly silent laughers.  
  • enjoys eating solids... unless there is anything more interesting going on.  It's gotten better since his high chair came though. He really enjoys rice cereal, oatmeal, bananas, and sweet potatoes.  He tolerated pears, and hated peas (like... cried as soon as he tasted them hates peas).  He's also eating cheerios and other big people food now.  He kind of liked green beans when I cut some of mine up and fed them to him last night.  I'm excited for him to not need purees so I can just chunk up what we're eating for dinner and give it to him!
  • Can pull himself into a stand... and stay standing for awhile.
  • Started waving today!

Isaac decided to clean the oven!

As an update for any interested parties... we're still loving cloth diapers!  The hardest part is just remembering to start a load of diapers every other day.  Other than that, they're really no harder than disposable diapers.  We're still stain free on all our diapers too!  As an added bonus... we've never had a blow out when wearing a cloth diaper!  Yay for no poopy clothes!

My Sister, the Smarty Pants

My little sister is a smarty pants, but she won't ever tell anyone so I'm going to.  She graduated second in her class (of almost 400) a few weeks ago and is going to BYU this fall.  Isaac was really proud of her for graduating too!

I also love her because she's letting me be all obsessive compulsive and organize her fall class schedule for her.  Oh how organizing things makes my heart happy!

Friday, June 8, 2012

We're Goin' to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Growing up, my family went to the zoo all the time!  Since Isaac's been born I've just been waiting to get back to Wichita so we could take him to the zoo!  On Memorial Day we decided to take him and he LOVED it!  I shouldn't be surprised because he loves my dad's fish, but that's a whole different story!