Friday, April 12, 2013


Oh my how life has changed lately here in the Brasher household!  Isaac is 17 months old (only two more weeks until nursery!!) and so much fun!  He talks all the time (when he doesn't have his pacifier in his mouth), runs everywhere, and climbs on everything!

One of my favorite things about him right now is how much he loves to find somewhere to sit.  It's his favorite thing to find a nice step outside or inside to sit on and kick back.  Sometimes we have a hard time leaving a new favorite spot.

With the warmer weather we've been spending more time outside.  Yay for Texas and being warm enough to be outside!  Although I hear that this has been an unusually cool winter for things are only looking up in my opinion!

As much as Isaac's been changing, it's no surprise that the rest of our house is changing too!  The three of us are so happy to announce that another baby is going to be joining our family in October!

Baby at 8 1/2 weeks.  It's amazing what a little person he/she already is!

I seriously could not be more excited (Isaac seriously could not care less).  I am so excited for Isaac to have a little playmate and for me to have a baby to snuggle again.  So far the pregnancy has been pretty easy.  Other than feeling vaguely nauseous and insanely tired for the last 6-8 weeks we've been doing pretty well.  Andy has stepped up to the challenge and managed to take care of us despite working a lot.  He's pretty amazing.

I'm now 13 weeks along and definitely ready to be done with the first trimester.  I'm finally feeling able to eat something besides starchy bland foods and it's wonderful!  Just in time for my birthday/ the return of the food truck rally/ summer (and all the yummy fruits and vegetables that come with that). Andy's really happy I think for me to feel like cooking and eating again.

The only thing that feels like it isn't changing right now is our address.  Even though we're not terribly excited about the logistics of having two kids in a second floor apartment, we love enough about where we're located that it's worth it to us to stay here instead of moving somewhere new only to move again in a year or so when we're ready to buy a house.  We love not needing two cars.  We love having so much green space for Isaac to play in (even if I do really wish we had a fenced in back yard for him to play in).  We love our ward.  We love having a pool and being part of a community that has a lot going on.

Even though we're staying in our apartment though, there's going to be lots of changes going on inside!  My sister Allie is flying straight to Dallas after the semester ends at BYU to help me do some major cleaning and organizing!  Once that's done we're going to get started on some different projects (like hanging all our pictures that have been in a box since we moved here...whoops) and get some new furniture to replace things we currently have and don't love.

Needless to say, this summer and fall are going to be exciting times around here!