Sunday, May 13, 2012

Could We All Just Agree to Stop Time?

Today is Mother's Day.  My first Mother's Day with a baby.  I loved it!  I kissed those little cheeks all day!  And held him through two naps at church!  It was wonderful!!  All the kissing and cuddling made me realize that I would really just like time to stop for awhile.  I think all the mothers out there can agree with me that babies just grow WAY too quickly.

I can't believe that just 6 months ago my baby looked like this!

Now that he's six months old he's got places to go and people to see!  We've had so much fun here in Kansas!!  Some highlights from the last few weeks.

My mom hung a swing up in the tree in our front yard and Isaac LOVES it!

Umm... Check out that awesome string of drool.  Isaac is still a drooler!

Isaac gets really excited about his ability to scoot around!

How Isaac moves... He first gets in downward facing dog...

...and then lunges forward!  Then he'll feel around to see if he can reach the thing he wanted  and if he can't, he repeats the process.

While clicking through pictures I found this gem... isn't his face priceless!

At 6 months, Isaac is:

~ Babbling like crazy!  He's starting to combine consonants and vowels.
~ Scooting around!  There is nothing safe anymore!  Luckily my parents just got a new tv remote a week or so after we got here, so Isaac can now have his own and we don't have to worry about him clicking random buttons.
~ Copying everything we do.  He wants to be part of the big people so bad!

This is definitely the funnest age!  I just love this little guy so much and I am so happy that I get to be his mom!  Sure there are moments when I wonder what on earth I got myself into, but I couldn't ask for a better baby or a better job.  I am so excited to continue to watch him grow and develop!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Andy's Graduation and Moving

We made it!  Andy is done with school forever (we hope)!  We got to Kansas in one piece!  The end of April was full of activities as we packed up our life in Utah and got ready to move to Kansas.

We were lucky enough to have my mom fly in on the Tuesday of graduation week to help us with packing and getting ready to move.  Really, we just wanted another person for Isaac to play with.  And play we did!

Isaac has decided that apples are AWESOME! I can't eat one anymore without him giving me big eyes and wondering when I'm going to share.

Isaac loves playing tug-of-war!

Andy's graduation was a little long for a 5 1/2 month old like Isaac.  Luckily he is turning into a pro at sleeping wherever we happen to be... as long as there's no organ music.  Seriously... the kid doesn't like organ music!  He was fussy all through the processional at commencement and then fell asleep as soon as it was over.  Gotta love it!  Same thing happened at convocation the next day.

Andy crossing the stage!

The day after graduation, we loaded up the moving truck with some help from Andy's brother Chris, both sets of parents, and some of the awesome guys from our current and old ward in Provo.  Since time had got away from me, any thoughts of having a nicely organized box inventory listing exactly what is in every box went out the window as we threw things into boxes and put them into the truck.

The actual drive out to Kansas really wasn't too bad!  It took us a little longer than normal since we took longer breaks every time we stopped for gas so that Isaac could move around a little.  When it came to the actual travelling part though he was an awesome travel buddy.  We sang songs and played with a little tin bucket and there was minimal fussing.  I was so grateful because I had just had nightmares of him screaming the whole way to Kansas!  The thing that helped the most was leaving Denver early in the morning so that we could drive for a few hours before Isaac woke up for the day.

We were very happy when we got in to Kansas and my sisters had dinner all ready for us!  Now we are loving life here.  Isaac is so happy to have more people to play with him during the day!!