Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July Fun

July was a nice quiet month at home in between travel-busy months in June and July.  Even though we were in Texas for the whole month, we definitely weren't just sitting around at home (although we did our fair share of that too).

This summer we got Isaac a life jacket for the pool and it was one of the best decisions we could've made!  This little boy is a fish and LOVES the freedom he has in his life jacket!  I appreciate that I can give him a bit more freedom without worrying about him drowning himself.

One morning when we had nothing to do, Isaac and I headed to a nearby outdoor mall.  We ended up having so much fun!  They have a little park, escalators that go between the different levels, and fountains.  What more do you need to be happy?
We had the park there all to ourselves!
Isaac was so happy that he got to ride up and down the escalators as many times as he wanted.  I think we spent a full 20 minutes going up and down.

Playing in the fountains at the mall.

The first of many capes.

Isaac reading a story while dad falls asleep.

Trying to figure out how to get past the log-in screen on mom's computer.  Note the phone close by for calling tech support.

We got Isaac a little step stool so he'd quit dragging the chairs into the kitchen.  We ended up with an even bigger problem of Isaac wanting to be exactly underneath mom (which was quite the feat even then!).

Isaac's friend Ellery let us borrow her vacuum for a week.  Isaac was in love!
 One morning we went to a local bounce house with several of the moms/kids in our ward.  It was so much fun!
Isaac and Ellery sharing a cab.

Bouncing around on the trampoline!  Isaac spent most of the time trying to hang out with the slightly older kids, which resulted in lots of bumps and falls.

Isaac showing off how cute he is in his Sunday clothes.

The mini fort.
 Before the Shurtliff's moved to Fort Worth, Kara, Aarika, and I took the kids down to the Perot Museum.  We had so much fun playing there!  Getting an annual pass was definitely worth the investment.
Playing at the water table with Miss E.

Talking on the phone at the farmer's market.

Cooking some lunch.

Isaac and Ben worked together to make Ellery some lunch.

This book (bought for 50 cents at a book sale) has quickly become one of Isaac's favorite books!  He could listen to us read it to him all day long.  It may have disappeared for a few weeks though to give mom and dad a break.

Playing with stickers.

Reading the grocery ads.

Isaac falling asleep while eating lunch.  I feel like this happens more at our house than is normal.  This particular time was so funny because when I tried to take away his food he would wake up enough to grab his plate so I couldn't.  He wanted to eat so badly, but he was so worn out from whatever we had been doing that morning.

Before the Shurtliff's left we had a game/movie night with them and the Branhams.  We made some popcorn for the kiddos and let them watch Up.  It was so cute to see the 3 of them sitting there watching the movie!

Making puppy chow!  Isaac thought it was the best thing ever!