Wednesday, March 14, 2012

4 Month/Life Update

Since coming back from Kansas, we have been having so much fun!  Isaac has just been growing and developing by leaps and bounds!

Here are the stats from his 4 week check up last Friday:

Weight: 15 lb. 7.5 oz (59%)
Height: 26 1/2" (92%)
Head: Don't remember size but 75%

When he got his shots it was so funny because he was trying to play with the nurse as she pinned down his legs (which made her feel awful for what she was about to do).  She gave him his first shot before he realized what was happening and then he cried during the next two.  As soon as we picked him up though he was just as happy as could be!  He was just looking around and smiling.  Man am I jealous of that ability to forget something like that so quickly!  Just thinking about it I remember how awful it felt to get blood drawn and my IVs put in when Isaac was born 4 months ago!

At 4 months:
  • Isaac LOVES to play with his toes!  He'll reach up all the time and grab them.  Today he started pulling his toes clear up to his mouth to suck on them (but there are no pictures because he can only do it when he's getting his diaper changed since the cloth diapers get in the way otherwise).

  • He also loves to jump in his doorway jumper.  He'll spend at least 20-30 minutes every day just jumping away.

  • He rolls!  He can roll back front and front to back.  For awhile he'd only do it in his crib at night (since he's in a disposable), but now he can do it in a cloth diaper too.  The first video was when he was trying to do it.  He made the most hilarious noises as he was trying!

  • Isaac is completely fascinated by shiny objects (like our TV remote) and anything with a screen.  He loves my cell phone and always tries to steal it from me when I'm texting someone.
  • He's figured out how to pick up objects if they're on the floor (and he's standing) or drag them over to him if they're on his blanket and out of reach.  It's cute to watch him pick up his pacifier (which he finally likes) and try to figure out how to get it in his mouth the right way.
  • Isaac loves to look around.  Sometimes it gets in the way of him eating, but it's hard to get too angry when he's looking up with me with those big blue eyes and cooing and telling me how much he loves me (as he strokes my face or holds my hand).  
  • He likes to help me turn pages when we read a book (or try to sing a hymn).
  • Isaac can stand with us just holding him at the waist (or when we're not holding him at all!).

I am just loving watching him make all these connections!  I can practically see the wheels turning as he tries to figure out new things!  I can't even imagine what he'll be like in a few months!

In non-Isaac news... we have just 37 days until Andy graduates!  And 39 until we are all packed up and on our way to Kansas!  I'm more excited for the packing part than the actually driving halfway across the country part.

Andy and I are starting to look on-line for what areas we might be interested in moving to in Dallas when we get there.  We'd like to be semi-close to the basketball arena (because it's right across the street from his office), so if anyone knows of good apartment complexes let us know!

Also, we're finally going to get family pictures taken!  On my birthday (which is in exactly one month from today in case you were wondering)!  Sounds like a good reason to get a hair cut and a pedicure to me!