Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Fun

The trip to Kansas was the highlight of our August (and rightly so, since we were there for a full half of the month), but we had a lot of fun here in Texas for the other half. We mostly spent it inside or out in the pool so that we wouldn't sweat to death (a very real possibility during the summer here).

Here are some of my favorite moments from August:

Isaac loves stealing Mr. Potato Head's classes and wearing them around the house!  Poor kid just wants to fit in with mom and dad in the morning.

One night we were running around with Isaac and his diaper fell right off!  We've since learned to keep shorts on him at all times until we're able to fix/replace the velcro in his diapers.

The hat.  Isaac found one of Andy's beanies in our closet and has been in love with it ever since!  His favorite thing is to pull it clear down over his eyes and run around with it.  He thinks he's pretty hilarious when he runs into you.

We finally got a pack-n-play!  We held off with Isaac because we knew that we wouldn't be travelling anywhere that wouldn't have some sort of bed for him to sleep in.  With Baby #2 on his way and Isaac still sleeping in our crib we realized that a pack-n- play was definitely a necessity.

Mohawks in the bath tub!

Hipster Isaac.

Down at the Farmer's Market waiting for Pecan Lodge to open.  If you haven't gone yet, you definitely should!

Playing fetch with Isaac.  Sometimes he misses Ginny so much he has to pretend like he's a dog himself.

Isaac decided that he wanted to finish out his nap cuddling with dad.  One advantage of having a huge stomach is that cuddling with dad is way more comfortable that cuddling with mom.  It's been a nice break, but I'm excited for Isaac to want to cuddle with me again.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

One Last Trip

One of the things I love about Dallas is the fact that we're within driving distance of my family.  We totally took advantage of it in August and planned a fun trip for Isaac and I up to visit my family.  The best part about this visit?  Isaac went up for 3 days by himself before I came up to join him.

On the way home from dropping Isaac off, we stopped off for some fried pies.  They were pretty darn delicious!
While Isaac was gone, Andy and I enjoyed sitting through church without having to worry about how Isaac was doing in nursery (and listening to 3 baby blessings without having to keep Isaac quiet), going to the Perot museum and then out for a nice dinner, and lots of time relaxing.

Since I was all by myself during the day I had every intention of busting through a lot of sewing...and then my sewing machine decided it hated me.  It turns out it had good reason to hate me.  When I finally gave it a thorough cleaning a few weeks later there was so much lint trapped under the bobbin area!  No wonder it couldn't keep the tension right!  Needless to say, I didn't get quite as much sewing done as I had hoped for.  Oh well, it was still a relaxing couple of days.

The pile of fabric I ended up packing to take with me!
Once I got up to Kansas though, we had a lot of fun!  Some of the highlights:

Lots of cuddle time with Isaac! For the first couple days after I got there, he didn't want to be out of my sight.

Fun with Grandma's tub toys!

Running around wearing my dad's Cubs hat.  Isaac was a big fan of anything having to do with Grandpa!

Lots of time playing outside in the rain!  It rained almost every day I was up there, which is a little unusual for Kansas in August.  It was nice to get a break from the heat though!

Sewing the new baby's quilt!  I left it up with my mom so she could quilt and bind it, so I'm really excited to see the finished product when she brings it down when the baby is born.

Hanging out in the pool on one of the rare, sunny days.

Baking with Aunt Allie!

Cutting, starting to sew, and starting to apply snaps to cloth diapers.

Playing with play-dough for the first time!

Trying on hats at the shoe store.

Lots and lots of loves for Ginny!  He probably swatted her away from him an equal number of times though.
While Isaac and I were in Kansas playing for a week and a half, Andy was busy working!  He was at home for 5 days by himself during which time he built picture ledges to put up in our living room.  Then he was off to Chicago for a week of training!

I was a little nervous about the flight home since it would be just me and Isaac and not during his nap.  Luckily, Isaac is a pro at flying.  He was totally chill reading books and eating his snacks!  It probably helped that the flight from Wichita to Dallas was just an hour long.

When we landed in Dallas, I somehow had to figure out how to get all our luggage from the carousels to the curb so one of the sweet sisters in our ward could pick us up.  I shouldn't have been worried though.  After I attached the two suitcases together, Isaac "helped" me push them while I also carried his carseat and the diaper bag.  I wish I could've gotten a picture because it was hilarious, but I was too focused on getting us out to the curb before Isaac lost interest in helping me push.  I am so grateful to have such a helpful child!

While unpacking from the trip I was a little dismayed to realize that my suitcase was still full after I unpacked my clothes!  Somehow I feel like I brought more fabric home than I took up!