Friday, March 7, 2014

Adam at 5 Months

Lately the song "Don't Blink" has been running through my head, because seriously this little boy is growing up so fast!  It's going 10x faster than it did with Isaac!

In this last month Adam:

  • Learned to roll over
  • Has started sitting fairly well as long as he has a little support (like if he's sitting in between my legs or on my lap)
  • Has gotten so social!  He's started grabbing at everything!  Mouths and my water bottle are the favorites.  I love having him reach out to play with my face.
This face cracks me up
He finally started actually playing with the toys on this instead of just laying there looking at them.
When we were all sick there were a few times where he would only sleep if he was being held.  It was nice to have Andy home so I could just sit and hold my baby without Isaac being ignored.  One of my favorite parts of being a mom is cuddling with a sleeping baby.
Starting to sit (I swear I've spent all month trying to get a good picture of him).  As a side note, look at how cute his chubby thighs are!

He's figured out how to get his foot in his mouth and pull on his socks!
He finally rolled over on the last day of February!  He still doesn't roll over much, so I think he just rolled over to tell me he could so I'd quit worrying.
Sometimes when Isaac is sleeping we like to take selfies.
This is the smile he flashes just about everyone we meet.
We've all been involved in the new house.  Even Adam was recruited to help pick out paint colors (which I have yet to even start picking out)!
I got them matching sunglasses!  This is one of my favorite purchases ever!
He can't pull himself up, but he can stay standing for a minute or two if he's standing up next to something.  Have I mentioned that he's growing up too fast?
The other highlight of the last month or so is the fact that his eyes are turning brown!  I'm 90% sure that's what's happening at least.  I am so excited to have a brown-eyed boy to go with my blue-eyed boy!

We sure love this sweet boy!  Even though he's only 5 months old, I can't imagine our family without him!

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